Marie Michaud Bijoux

My customers often tell me that my jewelry has an European touch and reminds them of Provence... It is certainly true since the south of France is where I have spent most of my adult life so far and where I have raised my two lovely daughters!

All these years spent in one of France's picturesque village made me appreciate a slower way of life, a certain "art de vivre" that shows up in my work and changed my approach to life forever.

Now back in my home country, Qu├ębec, Canada, I wish to pass on this positive energy and desire of well-being by creating accessories that will speak to a woman's heart and will bring a unique, colorful and happy touch to her life's special moments!

Thank you for taking the time to stroll around my shop and feel free to contact me to learn more about my jewelry (or just to say hello!).

Have a wonderful day!